Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cubs: Not Looking To Contend.

At least, that's what I have to assume, based on their signing Mark DeRosa to a three year, $13 million deal. But don't worry, Chicago is full of machine politicians, and, as the Cubs' corporate offices are no different, Hendry and McDonough will find a way to sell this one to you.

1) Nothing indicates that he'll even come close to matching his .296/.357/.456, 13 HR, 73 RBI performance in 2006.

2) He's a career benchwarmer who remains in the majors based only on his ability to play like six positions. By comparison, the only former Cub to whom Baseball Reference compares him is journey/utilityman Ramon Martinez. This is important because the two have identical BA/OBP/Power splits if you exclude DeRosa's 2006 season. Mark DeRosa will be earning about the same amount of money next year that Ramon Martinez has made in his career. Twice as much as DeRosa has made in his career (their salaries would be similar if the Cubs hadn't overpaid Martinez for two years).

3) Eric Patterson is only a half season away from the majors. In limited time at Iowa last year, he hit .358/.395/.493. The kid's upside is tremendous: he has speed, hits for extra bases with a little power, and OBPs 70 points above his career BA. And you're paying Mark DeRosa to get in his way. Jim Hendry, bad move.

4) Also DeRosa put up those numbers in Texas after doing nothing in Atlanta for years, and while Wrigley generally favors hitters, DeRosa's performance is far more likely an anomaly that will regress to the norm well before the end of this disaster of a signing. He won't even give the Cubs Grudzielanek's empty .314/.366/.416 that earned him 27th in the 2003 MVP voting (seriously).

This move does say a few things though: that the Cubs have less than no faith in Ronny Cedeno, and that they (correctly) see Ryan Theriot's offensive explosion last year as a weird, freak of nature sort of situation, probably aided by steroids and aliens.

Please trade Izturis, Cedeno, and DeRosa for some minor leaguers. Please.


At 11/14/2006 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you ragging on Mark DeRosa? In my universe he is President of the Galaxy and History's Greatest Lover. Now if you will excuse me, I must shave my goatee and go back to pretending to be good Spock.


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