Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Season Review: Part 1.

Juan Pierre

Pandrew: Okay Juan Pierre. Best defensive season of his career.
Pandrew: No errors, zone rating of .911 (whatever that means!)
A-Train: That's not even a real stat.
Pandrew: Fine. Fielding Percentage of 1.000
A-Train: Walks declined for the fourth straight year. I know you're going to get on that, so I’ll just get it out of the way.
Pandrew: His July-August-September was almost unbelievably good: .332 AVG, 28 XBH, 27 RBI, 33 SB (though 12 CS)
A-Train: And yet you still want to not re-sign him.
Pandrew: April-May: .239 AVG, I don't need to break down the OBP
A-Train: I'm guessing somewhere in the vicinity of .239.
Pandrew: Somewhere
Pandrew: ODDLY
A-Train: Here's my thing: Outside of Soriano, who's your better idea?
Pandrew: June: .283/.352
A-Train: So he hit well once the weather heated up. I seem to remember somebody predicting that would happen.
Pandrew: I have no idea what manager you are talking about.
A-Train: It seems to have slipped my mind as well.
Pandrew: He's a singles hitter who steals bases.
A-Train: Yeah. but that makes him effectively a doubles hitter.
A-Train: Today at the mall, I saw a Brad Wilkerson t-shirt.
Pandrew: What did it say?
Pandrew: AVG/OBP/SLG!
A-Train: It was one of the pseudo-jerseys. For people who don't want to buy real jerseys.
Pandrew: I say we go with Happy Pie.
A-Train: Oddly enough, it was a Washington jersey.
Pandrew: Oh, I thought you meant T-Shirt.
A-Train: It was a t-shirt. You know what a t-shirt jersey is.
Pandrew: Oh...yes.
Pandrew: I thought you meant like in the mid-90s when Frank Thomas had T-Shirts of him hitting the baseball and a side view of his head.
Pandrew: With his first name in cursive and his last name in BIG BLOCK LETTERS
A-Train: Those are so great
Pandrew: Anyway Pie did this at Iowa this year: .283/.341/.451 with 56 XBH and 17 SB.
A-Train: That's nice.
Pandrew: AND he's only 21.
A-Train: .311/.372/.579 at Iowa. 25 2B, 26 HR.
A-Train: That's what Julio Zuleta did at Iowa in 2000 before we got the bright idea to make him Mark Grace's successor.
Pandrew: And if he asks for 8-9 million, it's too much for a singles hitter.
Pandrew: During a rebuilding year.
A-Train: Who is effectively a doubles hitter? Who knows.
A-Train: Either way, I think we're getting Soriano.
Pandrew: He's not effectively a doubles hitter
Pandrew: He hits like 174 singles
Pandrew: and turns 56 of those into doubles
Pandrew: but 20 of them into outs
Pandrew: Also
A-Train: I will not back down - a speed guy is important.
Pandrew: This is important
A-Train: That he is a speed guy? Yes.
Pandrew: Zuleta fits right into my minor leaguers getting power once they turn 25 and are still at AAA
Pandrew: theory
Pandrew: Pie is 21
A-Train: Pie can enjoy another year in AAA, then. he's got plenty of time.
Pandrew: So we're only going to sign Pierre for one season
Pandrew: Because why sign him at all, then?
A-Train: I don't think you can figure in a Felix Pie until he proves that he can hit, even in the short term, on the major league level.
A-Train: Okay, let's wrap up Pierre. My choice for CF next year: Soriano. Yours: Pie. Grade?
A-Train: I vote for B. He's a solid ballplayer.
Pandrew: I vote B. He was solid.
A-Train: Man law. On to...Michael Barrett.

Michael Barrett

Pandrew: I often started him over Victor Martinez.
Pandrew: The best non-Brian McCann catcher in the NL.
A-Train: I would just be happy if we'd consistently start him over Geovany Soto.
A-Train: Yes. agreed.
A-Train: Actually, not agreed. He's better than Brian McCann.
Pandrew: Another foul tip and he'll no longer need to use a cup.
A-Train: He'll be eligible for the WMLB.
A-Train: Wow. Lo Duca was the only NL catcher who qualified for the batting title.
Pandrew: Yes
Pandrew: McCann was better in every major offensive and defensive category
A-Train: Yeah. But still, I remain skeptical. I don't need a computer to tell me what players are good.
Pandrew: But you need a computer to talk about it.
Pandrew: One season is a small sample size
Pandrew: But we are only talking about one season.
A-Train: McCann really picked it up after the break, too. Okay. He's good. But Barrett is a sound second.
Pandrew: McCann was better than Barrett this year. Doesn't mean he'll be good next year (his minor league stats suggest a drop off but they too, are a small sample size, as he's only 22)
Pandrew: Back to Barrett
Pandrew: He wins best Cubs moment of the year
A-Train: Punching out A.J.? Yes.
Pandrew: Yes.
Pandrew: He only struck out 41 times in 375 AB
Pandrew: That's really good for a catcher with some pop.
A-Train: A very questionable level of pop-pop, though.
Pandrew: It's difficult to perform in the clutch if you don't have the balls to handle the pressure.
A-Train: People might not know it, but we enjoy Michael Barrett for reasons other than the fact that he got hit in the nuts.
A-Train: Seriously, he's awesome. A-?
Pandrew: I give him an A- because he can't throw out baserunners.
A-Train: Yes he can.
Pandrew: 10 %, then
Pandrew: my bad.
Pandrew: 19%
A-Train: 19% is not terrible.
Pandrew: Blanco: OLD, but also 42.9 %
Pandrew: And he caught for MADDUX
A-Train: Yeah. but Barrett is usually better than that.
Pandrew: Barrett's career is 23%
A-Train: Maddux is tricky, because he doesn't throw fast, but he rarely pitches out of the zone and has a compact windup.
A-Train: And 23% is not bad. It's average.
Pandrew: We aren't rating him on all of the other years of his career.
A-Train: Right. But as this relates to his future, I don't feel unconfident.
Pandrew: If he qualified, Barrett would have been second to last in the majors
Pandrew: Right in front of Martinez
A-Train: Ninth of ten. Because only nine guys qualified.
Pandrew: Wrong
Pandrew: 17 out of 18
A-Train: Apparently batting and fielding have different qualifier rates.
A-Train: They do! 1 game per two team games, so 81 games.
Pandrew: Haha, 1 GM per 2 team GM
A-Train: Then how did he not qualify?
Pandrew: ...I don't know.
Pandrew: But hey, there's Brian Schneider, the guy Montreal thought was better than Barrett. HAHA
A-Train: Hahahaha.
A-Train: A-. MOVING ON.

Derrek Lee

A-Train: This is not The Cubs Season In Review As Written By David Foster Wallace and Mark Z. Danielewski.
Pandrew: Genius.
A-Train: We should cover something that isn't so long, like Derrek Lee's season.
A-Train: I know you want to give him an A. I do not.
Pandrew: I don't want to give him an A.
Pandrew: In the small sample size he had maybe a B-, especially coming after last year
A-Train: Well, then we're agreed.
A-Train: I thought we weren't evaluating past years?
Pandrew: We're not. but he set the bar
Pandrew: and was injured all of it.
Pandrew: Can't give him an incomplete, though.
Pandrew: Also, Derrek Lee did not play even a third of the games at first this year
A-Train: He's the first baseman, though
Pandrew: Well, that's like rating Kerry Wood instead of Sean Marshall for SP.
A-Train: No, because Lee will be the 1B next year.
Pandrew: I think we need to grade Mabry's .205 AVG as well, maybe after the pitchers.
A-Train: I'll save you the time: F.
A-Train: I think Derrek is good, as long as people realize that he's not going to have another 2005.
Pandrew: But he's going to be a near .300 guy with a lot of walks and 35-40 HR
A-Train: Exactly.
Pandrew: and as you know he will receive As for that.
Pandrew: Nobody but Pujols puts up triple crown numbers every year.
A-Train: If Steinbrenner picks up enough of A-Rod's contract to trade him to Oakland, certain A's might be receiving him.
Pandrew: The A's could do a lot worse than trading Eric Chavez for A Rod.
Pandrew: Chavez at his best is A Rod this year
A-Train: And the only thing Chavez points his ass at is ground balls.
Pandrew: Okay, Lee gets a B-. Hope his daughter gets better. Still hate Furcal.
A-Train: I'll drink to that. We can add her to our pray-for list, right under Michael Barrett's nuts. Hey, you like underage girls under your nuts, too! Next: Aramis Ramirez.

Aramis Ramirez

Pandrew: Best season of his career. It's a shame the Cubs were losing because he was mashing the hell out of the ball and nobody noticed.
Pandrew: 80 XBH
Pandrew: Career highs in HR, RBI, BB, 3B.
A-Train: Basically, I have nothing negative to say about Aramis.
Pandrew: He only sat out five games.
Pandrew: Baker missed more than that.
Pandrew: His midde name is NIN
A-Train: Anais Nin Ramirez?
Pandrew: It is confirmed.
Pandrew: They traded Matt Bruback and Jose Hernandez for Kenny Lofton and A-Ram
A-Train: The immortal Matt Bruback!
Pandrew: The Pirates didn't have enough RAM to process it.
A-Train: I love our trades with the Pirates. It almost makes our trades with the Marlins palatable.
Pandrew: Also, Aramis had 29 homers at A+ when he was 19.
A-Train: Proving that...he's just really fucking powerful.
-Train: Is there any way that getting rid of him and getting A-Rod is a halfway decent idea, on any level?
A-Train: I tend to vote for "no". and by "tend to", I mean "am fiercely committed that I will not".
Pandrew: If he then exercised his option and became a free agent
Pandrew: and signed with the Cubs immediately.
A-Train: How would that be a reason to trade him?
Pandrew: Because A-Rod could move back to SS
A-Train: We could not get A-Rod without giving up Ramirez.
Pandrew: and then you'd have an infield of D Lee, A Rod, A Ram, and...E Patt
Pandrew: Of course not.
A-Train: more like E-4 am i rite?
Pandrew: rotf!
Pandrew: Here is what I mean
Pandrew: Trade Aramis as soon as the season ends.
Pandrew: Then, as a Yankee
Pandrew: he uses his become a free agent option
Pandrew: and signs back with the Cubs.
Pandrew: I know it doesn't work. Don't trade Aramis.
A-Train: Then he hits Giambi over the head with a chair…
Pandrew: Also Barry Bonds LOL
A-Train: See? Just thinking about Aramis makes me happy.
Pandrew: Aramis plays on a differently level and our one dimensional grading system cannot adequately give him credit.
A-Train: I don't even care if you misinterpret that.
Pandrew: I'd say he made me happy too but you'd probably edit out what you said and then make fun of me.
A-Train: It's okay. It's an innocent kind of happy!Pandrew: Aramis gets A to the Nth degree.
A-Train: Man law.

This concludes part one of the season review. Tune in again in a couple of hours, when we present: Part Two, the bottom half of the lineup.


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