Friday, October 27, 2006

He's Done It Again!

That is what Fox's announcers had to say after David Eckstein reached on Brandon Inge's throwing error, on which Yadier Molina scored. David Eckstein: occasionally around when good things happen to his team.

1. For whomever was interested, Henry Rowengartner's jersey number was 1, although when he played for the Pirates in little league it may have been 17.

2. The Cubs have announced a few additions to the team: Alan Trammel, who looks to be part of another 119-loss team, and these guys. A guy named Lester Strode, who tells us how he lost his wife; Sinatro, another Piniella lackey; and Quade, who just recently returned from Mars and is the addition about whom I am most excited.

3. E-Patt!

2B Eric Patterson -- Patterson, currently riding an eight-game hitting streak, continues to pound the ball. From Oct. 14 through Oct. 25, the 23-year-old infielder went 16-for-34 with six RBIs and 11 runs scored. He recorded his best day on Oct. 24, going 3-for-6 with an RBI double, a two-run single and four runs scored. Patterson is batting .347 (17-for-49) in 12 games.

Cesar, Ronnie: Tengan cuidado, o vayan a perder sus trabajos.

4. Once we finish our season review, we can look toward the future, specifically 2015, when the Cubs will beat Miami in the World Series. Funny that Limbaugh would accuse Fox of acting to exaggerate the effects of Parkinson's disease but forgot that it will only be nine years before Fox gets into illegal gambling.

5. Lastly, my attempt at a World Series political advertisment, in the spirit of the approaching midterm elections:

Little Cardinals Fan is a bastard. She doesn't even know who her father is. What else don't we know about Cardinals Fans?

The St. Louis Cardinals: bad for education, bad for baseball, bad for America.


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