Friday, December 08, 2006

Jim Hendry: Still Moving

I mean still making moves.

Anyway, today is a good day, because today marks the first time in the four-plus months of our existence that I am able to apply anything I learned while wasting my time at college. Finally! Our first post on karoshi!

Gary Hughes, special assistant to Jim Hendry, on Hendry's eventful week:

His priorities were skewed.

Ted Lilly at four years and $40 million. Can't argue with Hughes there.

I wonder how his family feels about everything.

His brother and his sister-in-law are doctors.

Oh, good. I'm sure Jim could use a doctor's advice and reassurance about now.

Neither one of them are coming down.

If my brother gave $40 million to Ted Lilly and it wasn't for punching John Gibbons, I wouldn't visit him, either.

The rest of the article alternates between evidencing the seriousness of Hendry's situation and how effortlessly he is handling it.

The [Lilly] deal was finalized while Hendry was in the hospital, and O'Brien said the general manager "was hooked up to the EKG machine and we got it done."

followed by:

"Ted had no idea where [Hendry] was -- it was business as usual."


Cubs team physician Dr. Stephen Adams recommended Hendry be hospitalized after experiencing some discomfort during the day while at the Winter Meetings.

leads to:

Hughes wasn't surprised that Hendry didn't let a little chest pain stop him.


We had a doctor see him here, an internist here, and [the doctor] said, 'I'm not leaving until you're leaving with me.

is followed by Hendry's self-diagnosis:

"Bad shrimp -- I don't know," Hughes said.

and these two:

Asked if Hendry was still working on possible deals, Hughes quipped, "When did he stop?"

When can Hendry get back to work? "He's working now," Hughes said.

Nothing can keep this man from doing his job poorly. The Cubs just signed Daryle Ward.


At 12/09/2006 7:20 AM, Blogger A-Train said...

between "jim hendry: still moving", and "jim hendry: still making moves", i'm not sure which scares me more.

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