Monday, November 27, 2006

ESPN's Opening Day Analysis Has Gotten To Aramis Ramirez

Here is Aramis Ramirez, on last season:

"Last year, if I had a good April and May, I would have hit 100 home runs."

I love the first week of the season, when the baseball world is convinced that Tuffy Rhodes will hit 486 homers, that Mark Prior won't miss his first start, and that the Cubs will score 15 runs every game.

In other news, Cliff Floyd wants to come home to be a Chicago Cub. And why not? Hendry has paid worse guys to not play (Floyd adopted his sister's children after she died of cancer last year), and if a guy is going to be injured--he will--he ought to be close to home.


At 7/09/2007 12:31 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Excuse me for finding this site a year after everyone stopped reading it. I guess everyone stopped caring about what you had to say if you hadn't ever lived the pro baseball life. A fan might think he knows, or really cares, but until you've actually been in a pro player's position and tried to save the pride of your entire state while pitching with a broken wrist, catching with a broken thumb, or sliding into home with a dislocated knee you have no personal claim on their performance. Who do you think you are? I know you paid for your ticket, but these guys are modern day Gladiators literally breaking their bones for your enjoyment. You should have some respect for their commitment to the sport and to their fans. I dated a pro catcher for several years, and his life was very tragic. His earnings meant nothing to him, because he was in so much physical pain. You probably don't know many people like that in the cubicles that surround yours. Get out of your box!

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