Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The offseason is a time of anger

On the subject of Aramis Ramirez:

1) HOW DO YOU LET THIS GUY NOT PICK UP HIS OPTION??? Promise him whatever it takes to sign him, Tribune company. Part-ownership of the Cubby Bear? Sold. Change Grace St. to Ramirez Way? Done and done. A "personal services" contract with THS favorite Sarah Poontong? Make it happen.

The fact is, he's our best player, and you don't give up a guy like that. Forget commitment to winning, a failure to sign Ramirez may as well be labeled "Commitment To Rebuilding."

Also, as long as we're talking about all things A-Ram which we find offensive, let's go to this article from ESPN's Sean McAdam:

A look at this winter's class of available free agents illustrates the point, like a vanity mirror revealing every blemish and flaw. Among everyday position players, only two -- Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee -- can be viewed as true All-Stars in their prime, with a third, Aramis Ramirez, a step below.

Carlos Lee? Carlos fucking LEE?? On what planet not occupied by Darren Daulton is Carlos Lee in any way better than #16? Let's go to the tale of the tape:

Last three years:
Ramirez 425 G, 1604 AB, .304/.361/.569, 264 R, 100 2B, 5 3B, 105 HR, 314 RBI, 152 BB+HBP, 2/6 SB.
Lee 476 G, 1833 AB, .290/.348/.516, 290 R, 115 2B, 1 3B, 100 HR, 329 RBI, 180 BB+HBP, 43/54 SB.

On the whole, they look comparable, maybe with a slight edge to Ramirez. However, factor in the fact that Lee has had 8 plate appearances for every 7 of A-Ram's...and it just becomes a blowout. Adjusting for playing time, Ramirez passes Lee in runs and RBI, and forces a virtual deadlock in 2B and BB+HBP. The ONLY conceivable advantage Lee has is stolen bases...but that's more than negated by the fact that Ramirez plays a premium position (and passably so, at that)! Not only that, but if we ARE really trying to become contenders, Lee famously falls off later in the season, while Ramirez gets better as the season goes on. I haven't been this offended by judgment in a sports article since David Duke was listed among the candidates to replace Don Baylor.

Baseball-Reference.com's Most Similar Players listing is the final stroke. Ramirez's top comps at age 28: Scott Rolen, Gary Sheffield, Eric Chavez. Lee's? George Bell, Kent Hrbek, Raul Mondesi. A nice player, no doubt...but up to Aramis' level? No way.

On to football - Rex Grossman has recently begun throwing off of his back foot. You know who else did that? Cade McNown. McNown was at least partially successful due to Marcus Robinson being the perfect kind of receiver for him...get downfield, be big and strong and jump well, and catch some of the bombs. Grossman's not that type of QB...he has a tendency to let his normally crisp throws sail on him when he doesn't step into them, and thusly completes an abnormally high percentage of his passes to opposing safeties. (On a blogging-related note, has anyone noticed that Pandrew's efficiency is almost exactly proportional to Rex's? It's one of those inexplicable things, I guess.)

I'm going to see Borat tonight. If you don't plan on seeing this movie, change your plans. Then, it's off to another six-day work week (I just finished seven), so who knows when the next update will be? I'll tell you this, though...moves had best be made. Moves not including Barry Zito.


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