Thursday, October 26, 2006

Game Three, You Were Frustrating.

So, first off, this would not be a post of substance unless I deigned to thank our readers, loyal and otherwise:

- Otherwise: If you were to search Google for "Todd Hundley", we are now on the first page...number ten, and climbing. Thank you all for hitting our page and making us relevant!

- Loyal: It's time to thank my good friend Lauren, who recently sponsored us on Todd's page on I wrote the subtext (epitaph?) myself while driving home from work, and I daresay you can all relate. And, as for Lauren, she's a Cardinal fan, but we love her anyways.

- Otherwise, again: I'd like to thank the dude from Saudi Arabia whose search alerted us to the fact that we are the ONLY website that shows up on Google if you search for "gackass number two". I would also like to thank Sarah Poontong, who searches for herself evey couple of days or so - Sarah, if you include your work address, I swear on my life that I will (eventually) send you a basket of narcissuses. (I'm secure in my manhood, and I am okay with the fact that I know flowers. I know jewelry even better, but I am not willing to make that commitment just yet, cause that shit gets expensive.)

Game Three: Look, we all want the Tigers to win. ("We all" not including those misguided souls who think that the Cardinals winning the Series would be a good thing.) But the fact is, Le Tigre was not hitting Carpenter that night. That's okay. The American League All-Star team wouldn't have hit Capenter. He had his stuff working, and he's one of those pitchers that is nigh unto unhittable when he's on. (See: Wood, Kerry [uninjured] or Prior, Mark [before discovering own vagina].) The fact is, Game Four will be different, because Bonderman is fucking money. (Side note: I ran into a former coworker today, and asked him to place a bet - Tigers, Florida Panthers, and Anaheim Ducks. He came back with a bet on Cardinals, Panthers, and Ducks. Thank the higher powers that I didn't actually have to root for the Cards, and that I made bank.) Game Four prediction: Le Tigre 4, Cardi-nads 2. Bondermania shall reign. More to follow, after I am proven right.

But first, one last thing: Pandrew and I are total political opposites. Dude's my best friend, but we agree on basically nothing when it comes to politics - he's a serious lefty, I'm what I like to call a "state conservative" - state, as in "separation of church and". we even discusse this - how we didn't want this to turn into a political blog instead of a baseball one. However - I've been flying the "Buy American!" flag for years, ever since I bought my first car (I have owned two: an Olds Cutlass and a Chevy Caprice - I love my GM). That being said...Fox airing a Spanish commercial for Chevy during the World Series? Fuck Buy American - throw it out the window. Next time I buy a car, it'll be without regard to country of origin, since Chevrolet has singlehandely shown me that they don't care about the American worker. Up yours, Chevy - the only reason I'm not already on the market is that Japan hasn't shown that they can accomodate a 6'3 driver who likes to stretch out. (That, and my embarassing credit rating...and the fact that I don't get 25+ insurance for a while...and the fact that I don't have a down payment ready...just up yours, Chevy!)


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